Girl sleeping

Oh, For A Good Night’s Sleep!

Administrator Clayfield Chiropractic General Health

Did you know that about 1/3 of your life, you spend sleeping? Wouldn’t it be great if how you slept helped, rather than hindered your spine’s health? It is important that the way you sleep helps your body to get the best rest to help it to heal and regenerate. Awkward sleeping positions can affect your sleep quality and health …

Healthy Children and School Bag Weight

Cheyne Child Care, Lifestyle Health

A concerned Mum recently asked me, “how heavy should children’s school bags should be?” Caring Mother It’s a great question! You may also be wondering how school bags impact on your child’s health. When your child’s bag is too heavy, it can cause back pain, changes to the natural curves of the spine, rounded shoulders, muscle strain and/or fatigue. Ideally, …

World Spine Day – Get Spine Active!

Cheyne General Health, Lifestyle Health

World Spine Day (a Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health initiative) is held on 16th October every year. Every year people join in to empower and raise awareness of spinal disorders and caring for your spine. Worldwide, back problems are rated as the number one health issue. 50% of Australians are not active enough, which puts your spinal health at risk. The …